Will Sasso doesn’t look anything like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or Steven Seagal. He does kinda look like James Gandolfini. But his impressions of all three actors are equally good. Why?

I think Sasso’s style of impressions hit the sweet spot between plausibility and ridiculousness. His Arnold regularly lets loose with a sort of Tyrolean gurgle that sounds like a noise Arnold would make – even though I’m pretty sure’s never uttered that sound. And his lumbering Steven Seagal takes his characteristic stiffness and squinting to its logical extreme


These moves are not real, but they’re believable, and it’s a delight when Sasso pulls it off: you know they aren’t accurate, but they should be. And the viewer is surprised to recognize the subject of the impression as if it was performed with perfect fidelity. It’s like a magic trick that keeps working.